My office is at 156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1118 at West 20th Street. The office is wheelchair accessible and can be reached by the #6 train to East 23rd Street or the #1 train to West 18th Street.

The Initial Consultation

Several important things need to happen in the initial consultation/first session. I will ask you to tell me about your current concerns and some background. Based on your input, I will give you feedback on a preliminary diagnosis of the problem and provide you with a sense of how we might work together on your concerns.

If I think you would be better served by another professional with a different approach, I will give you an appropriate referral. If we agree to work together, we will begin in this first session.

Length of Therapy

Sessions are 45 minutes long. Frequency of sessions can vary from one to multiple times per week as needed. Most people meet weekly until the major part of the work is done, and then we may meet less frequently.

Depending on your goals in therapy, the length of treatment may be short-term or longer. Each client and I jointly define our project and its timeline, being aware that we are both devoting valuable time, energy and resources.

Most persons suffering anxiety disorders or depression will feel some genuine relief in a few months of weekly sessions, and for some this is enough. Addressing the underlying causes of the painful symptoms would take longer – as much as a year or two.

Persons caught in difficult relationship problems, without the added difficulty of serious anxiety or depression, may find answers in a few sessions. We may then conclude therapy at that point, or they may continue in therapy to put their new insights into practice.

Use of Psychiatric Medications

Psychotherapy alone is highly effective in reaching the treatment goals for most people. There are times, however, when a combination of medication and psychotherapy is most effective, especially when symptoms of panic or depression are severe or long-standing.

If you would like to consider taking medication, I will evaluate your situation and make a referral to one of the psychiatrists I regularly work with. Or you may wish to continued working with your own psychiatrist. If you are currently taking medication and feel that it is working for you, I can coordinate our treatment efforts with your psychiatrist.

Fees and Insurance Reimbursement

My fee per session is $175. I maintain five hours per week at a significantly lower fee for those with financial need.

Services with me will be reimbursed by all insurance policies that cover out-of-network services. I will give you a monthly statement so that you may claim reimbursement from your plan.

Supervision for clinical social workers and therapists

I offer individual and group supervision on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Supervision draws on the assessment and treatment approaches of psychodynamic (Relational), family, and cognitive-behavioral therapy models.